Warriors: Rise to Glory! *2018* - V0.403 (HotFix) [ENG] [SYMMETRICAL] [EXE]

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...( Info )...

Edition SYMMETRICAL:  12 February 2018
Premiere Game: 2 February 2018 (Early Access) - 7 February 2018 (Patch V0.403 HotFix)

Type: Strategy, RPG, Turn-Based, General

Manufacturer: Gavra Games
Publisher: Gavra Games

Available Languages: English

Info V0.403 (HotFix)


...( Description )...

You are a fierce warrior, summoned to a strange realm to fight for the amusement of a crazy tyrant. You must rise above all other fighters to win your freedom back – and get your revenge against the lunatic emperor Ayziz! Warriors: Rise to Glory is a turn-based combat game with RPG elements. Create your custom warrior and level up your skills, weapons and armors, so you can go from being an almost-naked, hopeless fighter, to become the best warrior in Indiekingdom!

Key Features

Fight intense turn-based battles in spectacular arenas
Think fast: some battles are time-limited!

Decide the fate of your defeated opponents and earn rewards based on your decisions

Fight crazy bosses with unique powers that will test your tactical skills

Gain experience and level up your warrior with new combat skills

Loot cool weapons, legendary armors and hilarious honorific titles

Customize your warrior until he is as handsome as you!


The mad emperor Ayziz reigns in terror over the realm of Indiekingdom with an iron fist! Searching for the strongest warriors for his wicked amusement, Ayziz uses his dark powers to open a portal and teleport millions of warriors from different timelines and places around the multiverse. Arriving near butt-naked through the portal, with only a crusty cloth to cover their shame, these warriors are manipulated to believe that they must pay with blood, guts and glory their way back to their homeland.
You were a great chieftain not so long ago. You ruled with honor and justice. All that ended when the dark portal appeared in the sky and sucked you into Indiekingdom. Now, you must rise above every warrior to win your freedom back!
What will be of your home without you? Will you be able to get back? Will you be merciful or vengeful in your journey? Can Ayziz ever be stopped? Will you be able to wash this disgusting loincloth at some point? And why is this silly narrator asking you so many questions?

Find out in Warriors: Rise to Glory!

...( Technical Data )...


System operacyjny: Windows 7+

Procesor: Intel i3 3rd generation or AMD A4 5300

Pamięć: 1500 MB RAM

Karta graficzna: NVIDIA Geforce GTX480+ or Radeon HD 5850

DirectX: Wersja 9.0c

Miejsce na dysku: 2 GB dostępnej przestrzeni

Karta dźwiękowa: DirectX 9 compatible

Dodatkowe uwagi: In case your PC is made of wood you cannot play this game! buy a new one!!!

...( Install )...

2.Run the Installer with Windows 7/8 Compatibility
3.Install From The Setup.exe File





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